• Shot Blasting Machine

    Shot Blasting Machine

    Shot Blasting Machine is a deep processing machine which can carry out shot blasting on the surface of the concrete product in order to get uniform, fine and smooth surface.

  • Water Washing System

    Water Washing System

    The water washing device can be used to flushing the brick surface in order to get special effects.

  • Color Roof Tiles Machine

    Color Roof Tiles Machine

    This machine makes different design of roof tiles with different color

  • Muliti-colored Paver System

    Muliti-colored Paver System

    it is a machine which can realize color mixing of the concrete block surface.

  • Polishing Machine

    Polishing Machine

    it is a deep processing machine which can carry out cutting and grinding of the concrete product.

  • Chiseling Machine

    Chiseling Machine

    Chiseling Machine is equipped with several cone heads which can get expected effects by hammering the surface of the concrete product.

  • Off-line High Palletizing System

    Off-line High Palletizing System

    The Off-line high palletizing system has similar function with the off-line lower stacking equipment.

  • Curbstone Making Machine

    Curbstone Making Machine

    the Curbstone Making Machine can be used to split the concrete products in order to get natural surface.

  • Off-line Low Palletizing System

    Off-line Low Palletizing System

    This stacking equipment provides an independent stacking method which can be used for block adopting natural curing so that it can not adopt on-line stacking. It uses stacked pallets push machine to transport the products to the elevator for the subsequent stacking.

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