Cement Brick Making Machine

Brand :HONGYI--T1600

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :30~45 Days

Supply capacity :150 Sets/year


Features of production line configuration:

1. Automatic displacement platform: the backing material pressing machine and surface material pressing machine are fixed on two solid frames separately. They are also equipped with independent forward gear which can realize automatic separating and moving together.
2. Automatic platform control station: it is designed for producing product of different height. The adjustment can be convenient and simple.
3. Force horizontal material placement device: it has the function of arch broken material placement and flattening which means that it can feed the material into the mould cavity more evenly and rapidly.
4. The backing material and surface material placement device can carry out pneumatic and dynamic material cutting, thus producing block bricks with better quality.



Parameters of T1600 concrete block brick machine

Pallet size: 1350*750*45mm(wooden)

Working area: 1250*670mm


Weight: 18.5 tons




Number of blocks per pallet

Molding cycle

Paving brick


36 pieces

15-25s (according to the shape and size of the products)

Hollow brick


9 pieces 

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